Variety: Aicido
Skin color: retat yellow
Pulp color: white- green
Period of harvest: June- July
Packaging:Carton Boxes 600x400x180 (12 pieces per box)

Variety: Artemis
Skin color: Grey – yellow
Pulp color: Orange
Period of harvest: June- July
Packaging: Carton Boxes 600x400x180 (12 pieces per box)


Product Description

Melon is a delicious fruit packed with nutrition. The term “melon” diversed in many different plants belong to the family Cucurbitaceae. Containing niacin, vitamin A, B6, C, potassium and their high water content, make it an excellence diuretic. Many species of melons are found, but they belong to four genera: Momordica, Benincasa, Citrulus, and Cucumis. Melons are usually fresh consumed, or used in juice, desserts, fruit salads, or custards. Melons are also comes in varieties. Taurus Farms starts with production of organic melons two years ago in total area of 3 ha. We have melons from varieties Aicido and Artemis.


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