Young team of experts in every sector
Preserve agriculture diversity
Good climate condition for early production
From planting to delivering we use only latest technology and modern machines from planting, storing, packing and delivering


DPTU Taurus Farms DOO has been established in 2010 as German Investment, located in Bogdanci, Republic of Macedonia with the goal in completely natural environment to be produced fruits and vegetables to satisfy our customers. The company’s main activity is producing and purchasing fresh fruit and vegetables.

The first project plan of our company was in 2012 when was built our first ultra-modern orchard with area of 15 hectares with apples and pears. Since then around 350 hectares of fruit trees and vegetables (both conventional and organic) were planted.

Macedonia is a country that offers very good conditions for fruit and vegetable cultivation because of its ideal geographic position. This comprises weather conditions like rainfall, a lot of number of sun hours, angle of incidence of the sun’s radiation and the large gap between heat and cold by night and day. All of this is important to produce fruit and vegetable earlier than other countries.

Growing emphasis is on production of apples. Plantations are prepared under the model of intensive farming in Germany and South Tyrol, with consultants, experts and suppliers from Italy. For the purpose of the package in 2012 is built warehouse of 500 square meters area for cooling and storage of products. To keep the perfect quality of the product we are in procedure to built new warehouse with ULO cooling chamber.

The plantation are located in five locations Bogdanci, Paljurci, Miletkovo, Prdejci and Miravci and all are on a few km of the headquarter to the company.

Part of the fruit and vegetables are organic and biggest part are conventional with the goal for a couple of years to became all Organic.